Pusher Type Furnace

Pusher Type Furnace Manufacturer in India

Knackwell's pusher furnaces, whether conventional or custom built, are tough, dependable, and don't require hydraulic fluid. To ensure constant loading and unloading, we manufacture designs that can be applied to a range of furnace types. During normal long-dwell heat treatment, baskets or trays of product are loaded onto the pusher mechanism, indexed across the furnace, and then quenched or transported to cooling chambers.

Engineers at Knackwell have extensive knowledge of tray push, pull, and transfer furnaces. The following are some of the applications for these furnaces: Carburizing, Ferric Nitrocarburizing, Carbonitriding, Annealing,Stress Reduction, and Carbon Restoration

Contact Knackwell Engineers for pusher type furnace installation & application for which furnace is installed or desired.

Pusher Type Furnace Manufacturer